My Account Page

To view your Account page, please log in and click on the Account tab at the top of the page - The tools contained in the different sections of the page are explained below.

My Library: The top section of this page contains links that lead back to the various tabs from your Library page


  • Account Credit - this shows the amount of account credit currently in your account.
  • My Wishlists - this is a link to your Wishlist page
  • My account settings - this tool allows you to control the name on your account, the email address and the box to toggle Adult Content on and off.  This page also contains the application key for your Desktop Library App
  • Change my address - this tool allows you to change your address and phone number or to add an alternate address to your address book.
  • Change my account password - this tool allows you to change the password for your account.
  • Update stored payment information - this tool is to change or remove any payment information stored in our system
  • Link Account to your Facebook Account - this allows you to link your FB account to your DriveThruRPG account.


  • Notifications inbox - this page stores notifications from publishers that were sent to your email address.
  • Select how I wish to be contacted by publishers - allows you to select which publishers are allowed to contact you through DriveThruRPG. You can make changes that affect all publishers or you can change the settings for individual publishers as well
  • Change newsletters, Deal of the Day and 'Follow Your Favorites!' settings - this tool allows you to control which of our newsletters and promotional emails can be sent to your email address. 

My Orders:

  • Please Click on an order number to view the order details and download links at the top of the page. Download links are also available in your Library as well as the product description page.
  • You can view all your orders by clicking on the Show All Orders link at the bottom of the page.
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