My Library Page

Your Library page can be accessed by clicking on the My Library tab at the top right side of the home page or click the link here - My Library .

Downloading: You can download products individually by clicking on the Download link next to the file that you are wanting to download.  You can also download up to ten files at a time using the check boxes to select products and then clicking on the Download Selected button.  The files you selected will be downloaded as one ZIP file.

Filters:  On the top left side of your Library page you will see the available browsing filters.  Just click on a filter, or set of them, to narrow your Library search.

Key Word Search: The search bar at the top of your Library will allow you to search your library for key words that you choose.

Tabs: Your main library tab is labeled "View All Products".  Using that tab will show you all of your previous downloadable purchases with download links.  Initially they are in alphabetical order, but you can also sort the list by Publisher or by the Updated date by clicking on the column header for Publisher or Updated.

The center tab will show you any downloadable products that have never been downloaded from your account.  The Updated Only tab will show a listing of products that have been updated since your last download.

Archive: At the bottom of your Library page you will see a section titled Archive. The archive is an alternate Library view that is separate from your normal Library.  Many people will use the Archive to hide products that they no longer want to show up in their normal Library view.  You can click on the icon to the right of a product that looks like a file folder to move a product to your Archive view.  Once on the Library page, scroll to the bottom of the list and you will see Archive at the bottom of your library with a plus sign on the same line at the left side of the page. Just click on that little plus sign to view your archived products. To move an item back to your Library you would click on the Restore button and that title will be returned to your regular library view.

Remove: To remove a product from your Library view completely, you can click on the trash can icon to the right of the product.  Please note that this is a permanent removal - in most cases you would want to use your Archive rather than deleting products so that you will still be able to access those products at a later date from your Library.

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